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Competence and excellence in service for more than 40 years

Back in 2000 we initially introduced our company for the first time online and presented and shared with you our wide variety of products and experience of more than 35 years in the field of tool design and construction. This legacy of service and excellence has been continued since then with your support. Today, with more than 40 years of experience and knowledge about the field we are presenting an amalgamate of fine products and services under a unique umbrella, labeled with the name KS to the demanding model enthusiasts.







Our product selections, includes the finest mufflers, tuned pipes, and accessories at an exceptionally high level of quality, trusted and recognized globally.

We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our products. On an ongoing basis we evaluate and examine each product and the production process to identify further room for improvement. As a result we are proud to offer a splendid choice of products at an incredible level of finest quality. With more than 20 years of experience we produce the highest quality free of any variances in quality.
Regardless of your choice, always rest assured that each and every KS product reflects the pinnacle of German engineering and is exclusively manufactured in Germany. All of our suppliers are certified under ISO 9001. Each product undergoes thorough quality inspections before it reaches our valued customers. Quality is the foundation of all our operations.

Driving Force
Innovation, creativity, and the principle of precision in dealing with metal are the driving forces behind our desire to simply exceed your high expectations. Over 20 years of knowledge and creativity are represented in each and every product. Always bear this in mind, whenever you encounter the promising marketing tricks of the start-up competitors that it takes insights, experience and knowledge to progress rather than improvise. Accordingly, we question whether soldering of condensers demonstrates any knowledge, it's merely an attempt - improvising is not a substitute for knowledge. Similarly, use of blind rivets in assembling mufflers or tuned pipes is more than questionable.

Listen to the Quality
"Listen to the quality"is the lived metaphor of our legacy and philosophy in conducting business, offering products and services based on your needs. "Listen to the quality"is the synonym for a unique range of high quality motor tuning products including muffler, tuned pipes, and accessories from just one source.

Customer Focus
As you may notice many of your recommendations and ideas have been reflected into the concepts of our new webpage. We are extremely proud and thankful for all the great ideas and feedbacks. We are offering a unique package of exceptional high quality products and solid personal advice. We want you to benefit form our extensive experience. We are prepared to support you regardless of your location. Also, we can connect you with the closest dealer to you if you contact us. Does not it feel good that you can rely on a borderless global network of partners?

What's new: Engine Search
We are proud to share our rich experience and knowledge with you in form of the newly introduced search by engine option. Just click on the engine and for the particular engine explore the rich choice of recommended mufflers, tuned pipes, manifolds and etc. Tuning of engines by selecting the appropriate components and set up is a truly sophisticated function. On one hands we aim for high level of power, while on the other hand it is extremely important to keep the noise down as much as possible. Choosing the right components is therefore key component. Now we can assist you even better.
If we missed a particular engine, please let us know.

What's new: Electronic Shopping Car
We are pleased to introduce an electronic shopping car for your convenience.

What's new: Listen to the Quality - what's so unique about us
Please take your time and explore what's so unique about us and click on the "Listen to the Quality" hyperlink. Tour the characteristics and uniqueness of our products and learn more about us and our philosophy.

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